Library Event Planning

I’ve been itching to start a new project lately, but I haven’t had any really good ideas until now.

Recently through a series of events our library started looking for a piece of software that would help us collaborate on our library’s marketing. Typically for a single event in the library, there are several people that need to get involved:

  • Marketing Committee (includes librarians from several departments)
  • Graphic designer
  • Students
  • Web Developer

Each person is responsible for a different aspect of a marketing campaign with varying degrees of dependency. For example, events cannot be created and marketed on social media until a graphic is created. The same goes for signage and website promotion.

To solve this problem, we initially turned to content marketing software which we quickly realized was designed for blogs or was really complicated to use (or buggy). It also tends to be really expensive and based on the number of seats. Part of the reason for this is because the companies target agencies who are managing the content for other companies or large companies who are publishing lots of content.

As I looked at the available software and compared our needs, there just wasn’t anything that would work. Sure, there are a few that we could make work, but the workflow would be overly complicated, rather than simplifying the process and they would be very limited in the number of people that could access the software, which really restricts the collaborative nature of what we want to accomplish.

So I started working on an application that will solve our needs and I think it will actually be beneficial to other organizations and libraries. Here are a few key features/requirements that we will be incorporating and will soon have available:

Scheduled Social Media Posting
You might be asking, “Doesn’t this already exist?” The answer is yes. Keep reading. The added benefit with our tool will be the ability to see the content schedule on a calendar and relative scheduling. If you decide to change the date of an event, you simply drag it to a new date and the social media post schedule is updated.

Shared Event Calendar
The core feature is a shared calendar where all users on your team can see upcoming events, tasks, and promotions. However, unique to our tool will be the ability to share your calendar with your patrons – events can be viewed publicly.

Assigned Tasks
Tasks can be assigned to users and reminders can be emailed to ensure they get done in a timely manner. Task templates can be created for each event type so that repetitive tasks can easily be assigned each time an event is added to the calendar.

File Storage/Sharing
You will be able to upload files to share with your team or add descriptions of events that can be shared across social media, email marketing, and print materials.

Keep the communication simply with team discussion for each event. You’ll never have to search your inbox for what your colleague said about an event or file shared for an event.

I’m super excited about this new project and will be updating this blog and our social media as we make progress and add features.